Skulptur "Rast vid vägskälet"
Tallskog efter Krutfjället
The Jovattnet valley
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The Jovattnet valley

Artscape without borders. Krutfjellvegens artwork gives you time to see the landscape with new eyes.

From the crossroads in Västansjö an asphalt road goes along lake Nedre Jovattnet, the Jovattsån river and lake Övre Jovattnet to Joesjö, 22 km. From there a recently repaved road leads to the Norwegian frontier, 7 km. Through Norway and on to the Hattfjelldal valley is a total of 63 km from Västansjö. A long round trip via Trofors, E6 to Mo i Rana and the Blue Road back to Tärnaby is 350 km.
You can find several excursions along the way, Atoklimpen, the holy mountain for Sami people, Jofjället mountain with all lakes for fishing, and in Norway nice trails for hiking. Varnträsk village is a nice place to visit and also Säterstad gård, a farm with goats and fish production.

The raod between Västansjö and Hattfjelldal is also called Krutfjellsvegen. Along the road you can find artscape.

The sculpture Rest at the junction by Annelise Josefsen from the Norwegian Sami population, stands at the point where the Krufjellvegen meets the Blue road E12. The theme is international cooperation, a place where Swedes, Norwegians and the Sami can meet.

The sculpture "Remembrance" is created by Ingunn Utsi using Siberian drift wood. Her sculptures often have a close association with Sami culture and the natural world.

At picnic areas along the Krutfjellvegen route the Spanish artist, Xavier de Torres has placed seven works of art - Stone poetry. He have chosen to hew ancient Sami symbols into stone furniture where travellers have the opportunity to rest and contemplate.

Hreinn Fridfinnsson`s (Iceland) sculpture Alveborg is where elves meet trolls, folklore meets the scientific world and the triangle represents the three Sami goddesses. Alveborg stands at the Sami school in the centre of Hattfjelldal.