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Märkesforsen rapids

Easy accessible area with beautiful waterfalls.

The old road winds along following the Umeälven river with its numerous rapids, including the once very beautiful Märkesforsen. Since the building of the Klippen power station in 1994, see below, the quantity of water flowing through the Umeälven river between lake Överuman and immediately downstream of Klippen village is minimal.

During the period 1990-1994 the hydroelectric power board built a hydroelectric power station at Klippen. The water was led, via a headrace 7.5 km long, from the intake at Över-Uman’s storage reservoir to the underground power station. Height of fall 65 m. The water is led back from the power station to the river via a tailrace, 3.5 km long, which flows out downstream of Klippen village. The power station produces electricity only during peak periods, mainly during the daytime in winter. Total output 28 MW and normal annual production 97 GWh/year.