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Överuman fvo

Part of the River Umeälven and Lake Överuman. The district boundary is marked with a sign 500m upstream of the Märkesforsen rapids, which are north of Stintbäcken, 15km north of Hemavan. The district stretches as far as Strimasund and to the eastern side of Vilanäset. Lake Överuman is large and, in some sections, quite deep and is fed by several streams and small rivers all which are well stocked with fish. Lake water flows into the Umeälven and runs for 5km before joining the Klippen district. An area on the eastern bank of Skafsbäcken stream is included in the district (see map).

Summer fishing:
Angling is recommended on the fish-rich streams entering the lake and the Umeälven.

Winter fishing:
Lake Överuman is an ice-fisherman’s paradise during winter.

Arctic char, trout

Continuous stocking of arctic char and trout to maintain a healthy fish population and vibrant ecosystem.

Fishing licence can be bought at houses along the road, look for a special sign. Licence can also be bought at Berglunds Järnia (the hardware store in Hemavan), Cykel- & fiskecenter (bike and fishing centre in Hemavan), Gränslöst center in Umfors and at Hemavan Tärnaby Touristoffice in Tärnaby.
Only fishing with hook. Fishing is prohibited 100m downstream and 50m upstream from the dam in Umfors.