Pimpelfiske på Tängvattnet
Tängvattnet - Rönäs fvo
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Rönäs - Tängvattnet fvo

Good fishing for familys since the water is near by the road.

The Rönäs - Tängvattnet district is approx. 10km from Hemavan. It contains Lake Tängvattnet and the surrounding streams which feed it. In the east there is a sign marking the district’s boundary with Lake Maisorsjön.

Summer fishing:
It is possible to fish using a variety of techniques such as using hooks, rods and trolling.

Winter fishing:
Ice fishing is recommended.

Trout, arctic char

Stocks of trout are added to existing ones.

Fishing prohibited in the whole area between 15th of September until 15th of October.
Fishing license can be bought at houses along the road, look for a fishing sign. The licence can also be bought at Hemavan Tärnaby tourist office in Tärnaby.