Drottningleden - Mortsbäcken
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Drottningleden (Queen's Trail)
Drottningleden (Queen's Trail)
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Drottningleden (Queen's Trail)

A hiking trail that runs between Laisaliden and Hemavan. It starts in Laisaliden above the tree line where there is a wonderful view of the Norwegian mountain ranges and glaciers. Although you always feel that you are amid the mountains, the trail is easy going, making it perfect for hikers, young and old.

If you start in Hemavan the trail begins, along with the Kungsleden trail, at Naturum and the Alpine Botanical Garden. Follow the path 2km to the point “Vacker utsikt”, where the Drottningleden trail veers to the right towards Laisaliden. It heads down first to the waterfall along the Mortsbäcken stream, and then up again above the tree line.
If some of the walkers are children, it might be easier to start at Laisaliden as you will be starting above the tree line.

In 2003, the trail was improved and open by Her Majesty Queen of Sweden. The trail is maintained and administered by the county administration and lies within the borders of Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve.

It is possible to cycle along the trail and return via along the road covering a total distance of 20km. Biking along the trail is exciting and little tricky in places with some steep slopes but it is well worth it! The distance between Laisaliden and the E12 highway is 4km and the downhill stretch of road, which drops 200m over 2km between Laisaliden and the village of Laisholm is steep and full of bends.

Remember to respect hikers and other trail users!

Camping out
With plenty of streams with fresh water for drinking or washing, this part of the mountains is the perfect place for camping beginners who wants to camp out in the mountains. Bring a tent and revel in the sound of mountain silence.

Length: 9 km one way
Elevation change: 200 m
Level of difficulty: Blue (4 km/hour, path, mostly dry terrain) from Laisaliden
Level of difficulty: Red (3 km/hour, path, quite a lot of elevation) from Hemavan