Södra Sytertoppen
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Södra Sytertoppen

A longer hike, and tough alpine tour that also takes you through the dramatic and beautiful valley Kobåsen.

The hike to the top is via Kobåsen, and a good starting point is Fjällparken in Hemavan. Follow the path that starts with a footbridge from Kungsleden, on the moor above the Centrum lift, toward Kobåsen. The path disappears after a few kilometers along Kobåsbäcken. At the 1100m level you come to a grass bed, and here it is usually advisable to wade over the stream. From here and up to the top you hold the northern side of the stream.

Not until the 1400 meter level, it is getting steeper. The whole valley rises slowly. But now it's getting steep and rocky. Keep your eyes open and walk carefully. If it is wet, it can be slippery.

At the ridge turn north towards the top 1685 m.Try to look a little ahead and choose the least steep part of the slope.

Since the trail ended in the valley at 800 meters above sea level, all markings and trails have disappeared. It is important to keep an eye on the map and compass. Södra Sytertoppen is at the furthest of the western side of the ridge. The top is on the edge of a dump where you can see a small cabin in the bottom of the valley as a small dot 800 fall height below the top. Great view in clear weather.

Length: app 24 km return trip
Elevation change: 1125 m
Level of difficulty: advanced