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Tärna fishing district

The large Tärna district contains a wide variety of fishing conditions and opportunities.

The district stretches from Portbron, 4km from Hemavan, to the end of Lake Ajauresjön, 40km south-east of Tärnaby. The area contains the lakes Västansjön, Laisan, Gäutan, Ajaure and Jokksjaur.
A fascinating delta landscape has evolved where the Umeälven river enters Lake Laisan. Sediment has created a series of islands and beaches and extra nutrients and food for the fish are flushed out of the Jovattsdalen valley via the Jovattsån river. Gäutan is a long, large lake with deep sections. Like Lake Ajaure, Gäutan is affected by the rising and lowering of the water level due to hydro electricity. The water flows out of Lake Ajaure through the Ajuare dam.

Summer fishing:
The large Tärna district contains a wide variety of fishing conditions and opportunities. Flowing waters in rivers and streams are perfect for fly fishing, spinning and angling as well as fishing from a boat. Yttervik is a good place from where to start a boat trip on Lake Gäutan and Blattniken and also in the area is the mouth of Muoltekejukke stream, another good fishing spot.

Winter fishing:
The large lakes are perfect for ice fishing. Sågviken bay on Lake Gäutan and Lake Västansjö are known to be good areas for fishing at this time of year.

Canada char, arctic char, trout, whitefish

Re-stocking is continuous.

Specific regulations concerning district:
A stretch of the River Tärnaån, from the road to Solberg and further up, is restricted to fly fishing. Here, only three fish a day can be caught and all must be more than 35cms in length. Please observe the ‘fishing forbidden’ zones in lakes Ajaure, Gäutan and Jokksjaure (see map 1 and 3). Tärnaån (see map 2) requires a separate permit which is invalid in other areas.

You need a fishing licence and they are sold at Tärnaby Fjällsport and at Hemavan Tärnaby Tourist office. No fishing with worm in Tärnaån. Special rules for fly-fishing in the northern part of Tärnaån, only three fishes a day with a minimum length of 35 cm.

Boats are available for hire in the district. There are paths to the water’s edge, open fires, toilets and shelters spread across. Boats can be launched on to the water on Lake Laisan and by the school on Lake Gäutan.