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Virisen Lappland

Local produce from the farm. Lamb, elk, reindeer, arctic char, trout, grouse, black grouse, mushrooms and berries served at the restaurant Virisen. Master Chef is Gunilla Olofsson and the restaurant is mentioned in the White Guide.

The farm Virisen is a mountain farm located 50 km from Tärnaby. The company Virisen Lapland runs the farm according to old traditions of hunting, fishing, agriculture and tourism. The farm has high natural cultural values. In the restaurant you can enjoy an exclusive dinner with local ingredients in its proper environment. Note that you always need to book in advance!

Today this is a modern mountain farm with 25 ewes which graze about 20 hectares of land around the farm and produce meat and skin. The farm also has chickens, calves, rabbits and hunting dogs of the breed English setter.